Use other websites’ authority to promote your startup

Writing blog posts is great. But it takes a lot of time. What if you could use the authority and visibility of other websites to get your name out there?

A really easy way to get your name and startup noticed is to comment on other blogs. But it can’t just be a short comment or a sales-y comment. It needs to be a valuable or helpful comment.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Make a list of blogs that your potential customers may read

Search for your topic to see the people and companies writing content that is somewhat related to your company.

Step 2: Subscribe

Sign-up for their email newsletters or subscribe to their RSS feeds. You want to ensure you’re notified the moment they publish something new.

Step 3: Engage

When they publish their next article, read it. Then, reply with a comment summarizing what you liked about it, what it made you think of, or how you may have encountered a problem them mentioned. 

The comment should be at least a paragraph, if not longer.

Make sure to include your name with your website.

Step 4: Repeat

Over the months you’ll continue this process, you’ll comment on hundreds of posts. It will only take a few minutes. But those blog posts will continue to drive traffic for years to your homepage.

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