How to convince journalists to write about your startup

Getting links from established websites is one of the best ways to rank in search results. But there’s a big problem with SEO link building. 

It doesn’t scale.

Each backlink needs to be carefully built by reaching out to others or hoping people find and link to your content. There is an easier way though, and it doesn’t cost anything.

Instead of reaching out to websites and seeing if they will link to your content, you can have them come to you. You want to write content for the phrases bloggers and journalists will search when they write their articles.

In any blog article posted on an authoritative website, when they mention a statistic, they will link to the source where they found that statistic. For new technology trends, it may be difficult for journalists to find the statistics they need. 

To make their lives easier, and to get a backlink in return, we can write a blog post summarizing all of the statistics in one place. 

For example, when Clubhouse launched, it was difficult to find out how many active users were on the service. Many people made guesses. A blog post could be titled, “Clubhouse active users” and list out the predictions for each source.

How to find journalist keywords?

Step 1: Search for your niche on your favorite search engine, and look for related searches.

You want to pay attention to anything that mentions scale or size. User bases, monthly active users, page speed, load times, benchmarks or revenue.

Step 2: Outline your blog post

Make a list of those related searches in a single blog post. Copy and paste the related search keywords directly, and format them as H2 tags.

Step 3: Find the best data sources for each question

See if you can collect actual or estimated answers to each question. For companies, check their about or career pages. For computing trends, check Statista. You could also search Stack Overflow or Github to see the number of mentions, questions or repositories around specific terms. 

Step 4: Publish your blog post

You’ll want to review the statistics in your article quarterly to see if you could add to it. And, once you’re done with one post, you can move on to publish the next one.

Action Items

  • Identify a list of topics where you could create blog posts listing statistics in one place
  • Make a list of related terms, and write them in a blog post
  • Research the statistics for each term, linking back to the original sources
  • Publish your blog post.
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