Customers buy benefits, not features

So why is it that every startup we see listed on Product Hunt or Launching Next leads with features? If these startups improved their homepages, they’d see more sign-ups.

Let’s say we have a to-do list app. We can go through a list of features and re-write them as benefits:

Feature: Easy to-do lists
Benefit: Get more done today

Feature: Plan out your day
Benefit: Reach your goals without the stress

Feature: Prioritize your tasks
Benefit: Focus on what really matters

Feature: Get started easily
Benefit: Reclaim your day now

Feature: Free trial
Benefit: No commitment

Feature: Support for multiple users
Benefit: Bring your team together

Feature: Status updates
Benefits: Stay on track and never miss a priority

See the difference? When we lead with benefits, we show our value and have the chance to persuade. These benefits separate us from other competitors.

Action Items

  • Visit your homepage
  • Write down every feature listed
  • Rewrite the features as benefits
  • Update your homepage to lead with benefits in the subheads. Then, describe how your product or service delivers on the benefit through your features.
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