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What is Launching.io

Launching.io is a new community for young startups. Founders and influencers submit new startups every day, and the community votes up the most promising ones. It’s an easy way for early adopters to uncover the next breakout startup unicorns, and a simple approach for startups to attract their first visitors.

Startup Name: Launching.io
URL: http://www.launching.io
Founder: Alex Robb, alex@launching.io
Location: Chicago

Launching.io solves startups' top challenge

Even with easier access to new audiences today, we still see the same challenge: startups struggle to market themselves. We interviewed startup founders on their top startup challenges, and we saw a common theme: it's difficult to attract users. Here's what a few of them said:

You can create the most amazing service/product in the history of ever, but it's the whole if a tree falls in the woods analogy. If nobody knows about it, you might as well just saved yourself the time and trouble of creating it.

The building, the launching, all of that is easy. The marketing is for the rest of your startup’s life.

A regular product with a great marketing campaign is much better than a very good product with a poor marketing campaign.

Publishing a couple apps over the last year, I experienced how difficult and (seemingly impossible) it is for an indie developer to get proper exposure, compete with apps of big corporations and their big marketing budgets... and games. You can have a great quality app and still be buried in the millions of apps that exist today.

Launching.io is a free launch platform for startups

Launching.io addresses this challenge for startups. Using submissions from startups and users, everyone on the site can vote up submissions and allow the most promising startups (not just the most well funded) to float to the top. It’s an easy solution startup founders have been looking for, and it gives people a way to quickly find the next most promising startups.

Launching.io has been quietly operating in beta stage with a small community of influencers and startup founders. Today, we’re releasing the site to everyone, and we can’t wait to see which new startups are discovered next.

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